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About SPAD

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Protecting commuters through the daily enforcement of public transportation.

In its aim to ensure that the rakyat is provided with safe, reliable and legal public transportation, SPAD, through its Enforcement Division, conducts regular operations and daily work to monitor public transport operators to ensure that they are performing their services based on the conditions and rules outlined in the Land Public Transport Act (APAD 2010). 

Through the Land Public Transport Act (APAD 2010), SPAD’s enforcement officers have been given power of enforcement that includes distributing penalties for fraud to offending parties, arresting offenders, and setting up roadblocks. Penalties for offences are also enhanced, such as the breaches of licensing conditions, where the maximum fines are RM500,000, and imprisonment of 2 years.

SPAD officers hold several duties, including: enforcing the rules and licensing conditions of the Land Public Transport Act (APAD 2010); inspecting land public transport and freight vehicles to ensure that they are road-worthy; ensuring that vehicles have valid licenses and other relevant documents; inspecting drivers, conductors and co-drivers to ensure that they are fit for work; inspecting travel tickets for their legitimacy; and clamping down on touting and soliciting by those who provide transport for commuters. 

To perform this work in an effective manner, SPAD officers conduct their operations in coordination with enforcement officers from other agencies such as the Road Transport Department and the Royal Malaysian Police.