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ICOP Safety

About SPAD

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The SPAD ICOP Safety Training Programme is an initiative to improve road safety amongst road based transport operators in Malaysia. The programme started in the year of 2012 for bus operators and was later rolled out for freight operators in the year of 2013. The training targets the upper and middle management of operators’ companies in order to not only create awareness, but also to ensure that safety becomes one of these operators’ best practices.

Section 23 (1) and Section 58 (1) of the Land Public Transport Act (LPT Act) states that licensed operators and employees shall give the highest priority to ensure that passengers are safe, and that goods vehicles are maintained and kept in good condition. Consistent with these provisions, SPAD ICOP Safety guidelines have been enforced as a licensing condition for land public transport operators.

The main elements of the SPAD ICOP Safety Programme are as follows:

1. Leadership in organising, planning and implementing safety within the organisation
2. Driver safety management
3. Vehicle safety compliance
4. Risk assessment and risk mitigation
5. Efficient records management

The Rationale and Objectives of the Programme

Malaysia faces a high toll of road accidents, based on 2014 figures* of 6,674 fatalities and 13,030 injuries due to road accidents. These road traffic casualties have a tremendous negative socio-economic impact. All operators of buses and heavy good vehicles that have been licensed by SPAD must comply with the high standards of safety which are embedded within their licensing frameworks. Therefore, a change of safety behaviour and practices by land public transport operators must take place in order for the number of fatalities and crashes on the roads of Malaysia to decrease.

The objectives of the SPAD ICOP Safety Programme are as follows:

1. To provide the foundation for self-regulatory practise by LPT operators
2. To instil the culture of safety amongst LPT operators
3. To create awareness and compliance amongst operators on SPAD ICOP Safety Requirements

*Source: Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS)