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School Children on School Bus Coverage Scheme (SCSBCS)

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Your children’s safety comes first

One of SPAD’s key initiatives, the School Children on School Bus Coverage Scheme (SCSBCS) aims to raise the service standards of the school bus industry while also aiding schoolchildren and their families when untoward accidents occur. The Scheme was introduced to also encourage parents to use the services of legal and registered school buses for their children’s daily trips to school. The Scheme highlights the risks of using illegal school buses amongst relevant parties, ie. schools, parents, and schoolchildren.

The School Children on School Bus Coverage Scheme (SCSBCS) covers the use of school buses for a variety of activities, including school excursions, study trips and any extracurricular activities which fall under the respective school’s approval.

Under the scheme, schoolchildren are provided coverage for:

  • Accidental death
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Medical expenses
  • Ward allowances
  • Bereavement expenses

The School Children on School Bus Coverage Scheme was introduced by SPAD in 2013 and continues to be offered across Malaysia (2013 - 2016: whole of Malaysia, 2017: Peninsular Malaysia, 2018: Peninsular Malaysia).


Period of Takaful

1st January 2018 – 31st December 2018

Scope of Takaful

Death or bodily injury of school children that attend schools which are registered with the Ministry of Education (MoE) caused by accidental means while travelling by school transport approved by S.P.A.D.

Minimum Territorial Limit

Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Minimum Coverage Area

1.   Journeys to and from school including journeys during excursion, field trips and/or extra-curricular activities organized & endorsed by the school concerned.

2.   Embarking and disembarking from School Bus until 50 meters away or until school perimeter fencing/residential whichever is lesser, subject always to the Master Certificate.

Takaful Coverage

a.   Accidental death

RM 100,000.00

b.   Permanent Disablement (PD)

Up to RM 100,000.00

c.    Medical expenses

RM 5,000.00

d.   Hospitalization benefits

RM 150.00/per day up to
maximum of 30 days

e.   Bereavement benefits

RM 2,500.00

f.    Ambulance Fees

RM 350.00

g.   Purchase of Orthopedics Equipment


h.   Snatch Theft

RM 250.00

i.     Rape Trauma

RM 500.00

j.    Prosthesis/Wheel Chair

RM 1,000.00

k.   Traditional Treatment/ Sinseh

RM 200.00

(Sub-limit from Medical Expenses)

l.    Personal Accident for Bus Driver

Death/Permanent Disablement

RM 10,000.00

To download the claim form, click here


Liberalisation of School Bus Fares

In 2014, SPAD announced the liberalisation of school bus fares. This initiative was rolled out in the first quarter of 2015.

Previously, the maximum return fare in urban areas was RM 27.43 for the first kilometre and RM 2.02 for every subsequent kilometre, while fares for rural areas started from RM 20.61 for the first kilometre and RM 2.02 for every subsequent kilometre. Through this initiative, the Commission has allowed school bus operators to decide their own fare regardless of bus size, engine capacity and location.

SPAD is working towards liberalising the public transport industry and this is seen as one of the first steps towards achieving that. The Commission is confident that the liberalisation of the school bus fares has now unlocked the consumer power of parents and schools so they can work together with operators to get the best rates and services.


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