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Freight Service

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Safe, reliable, and well-regulated freight transportation are some of the key focus points for SPAD’s Freight Division. At present, improvements are being introduced and will continue to be implemented to the local freight industry by SPAD, in order to ensure that Malaysia’s logistics market can carry on providing much needed goods services to the rakyat

SPAD’s Freight Division currently provides the following services to the freight industry:

1.     Freight Vehicles and Operators’ Licensing

The provision of the Operator’s License (OL) was one of SPAD’s earliest initiatives, and is designed to streamline the licensing framework for public transport operators.

2.     Policy Development

The Division has established comprehensive sets of policy to ensure that freight operators are fully compliant with the operational requirements and guidelines that have been set by SPAD.

3.     Engagement

Raising awareness on the current regulation and industry issues of the freight industry is also a key component of SPAD’s work. As such, meetings, engagement activities and events are regularly conducted by the Freight Division with stakeholders and related government agencies.

4.     The Industry Development Strategy

The Industry Development Strategy by SPAD acts as a planning tool to improve the nation’s freight transportation business. The Freight Division has committed part of its work in creating a series of strategies for goods vehicles. This includes the collaboration of initiatives done by other government agencies, which is supposed to spearhead the national economy as a whole.

The strategy also takes into account the Freight Transformation Strategy, which is linked to the Transformation Plan that has been set by SPAD.


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