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MeterOn Application

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Want to see an improved taxi service? The solution is now in your hands!

The MeterOn mobile application is designed to assist the public to check and verify the status of a taxi driver before starting their journey. By simply entering the vehicle registration number, passengers can authenticate a driver, check current offences, and view other passengers’ feedback and their taxi experiences.

With MeterOn, taxi users can track their journey, estimate the fare, and send SOS alerts in case of an emergency. A report  can be lodged by the passenger if the taxi driver commits an offence.

The MeterOn app can be downloaded at   image image


The MeterOn mobile application allows passengers to be in charge of their taxi trip. The app has 6 key features for taxi commuters:

1. Driver Verification

Passengers can authenticate the driver of the taxi by entering the taxi’s registration number into the app on their mobile phone. If the taxi is registered, they can view detailed information about the driver and current offences committed by the driver under the Land Public Transport Act 2010 (APAD 2010), as well as other passengers’ reviews/feedback/complaints about the driver. If the taxi happens to be driven by an unidentified individual, passengers are advised to lodge a report immediately to SPAD via the app.

2. Journey Tracker

Passengers can track their own journey and share their location with primary contacts until they have safely reached their destination.

3. Fare Estimation

Passengers can view the estimated fare for their journey once they key-in their start and end points. The estimated fares shown are based on meter usage and are only available for Budget, TEKS1M, Premier and Executive Taxis. Fares for Airport Taxis are zonal-based and are as indicated at their respective terminals.

4. Driver Rating

Passengers can rate drivers based on their own travel experience and directly lodge a report to SPAD if a driver is found not using their meter. This can be done when the user click on the button indicating that the journey has ended, and it will prompt the user to the rating page.

5. SOS Alert

In case of an emergency, the SOS alert feature allows passengers to send pre-determined messages with full ride details (information on the taxi and driver, current location and end destination) to their primary contacts. The feature also permits users to make emergency calls to their primary contacts, Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), or the SPAD Hotline.

6. Feedback/Report

Passengers can lodge a report to SPAD if the taxi service provided was not satisfactory. This feature allows complaints and feedback to reach SPAD instantly. Immediate action will be taken against taxi drivers and operators who have committed any offences under the APAD 2010.

The MeterOn app covers licensed taxis throughout Peninsular Malaysia. It also provides the option to view the app’s functions in English or Bahasa Malaysia, making it adaptable to a user's phone display language.

By using this integrated and comprehensive database, passengers can now make an informed decision before riding a taxi.

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