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What is Whistleblowing?
The disclosure by a person, either an employee of SPAD or a member of the public to those in authority of mismanagement, corruption, illegal activities or any unethical behaviour.

What is the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010?
An Act to combat corruption and other wrongdoings by encouraging and facilitating disclosures of improper conduct in the public and private sector, to protect the individuals making those disclosures from detrimental action, to provide for the matters disclosed to be investigated and dealt with and to provide for other matters connected therewith.

What is the SPAD Whistleblowing Policy?
The SPAD Whistleblowing Policy provides an avenue for SPAD employees to disclose any unethical behaviour in accordance with the SPAD Whistleblowing Policy.

Who is a whistleblower?
Any employees of SPAD or members of the public including clients, vendors or customers who make disclosures against employee(s) of SPAD about any unethical behaviour.

What is a complaint form?
A complaint form is a platform for any whistle-blower to channel his/her complaint via online communication to the Integrity Division. Alternatively, the complaint can be sent to the Integrity Division via any other channel including by telephone or email.

Who can file a report and how do they do it?
If you are a SPAD employee or stakeholder, reports may be made directly to SPAD Integrity Division via the complaint form or emailed to

What I can report/make a complaint about?
A report or complaint can be made about any unethical behaviour which should include but is not limited to the following:

  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Breach of trust
  • Conflict of interest
  • Misuse of company’s property
  • Non-compliance to the SPAD SPIRIT - Code of Conduct
  • Bribery

Will my report remain confidential?
SPAD will take all reasonable steps to ensure confidentiality throughout the reporting process. Under the Whistle-blowers Protection Act 2010, anyone who participates in the ‘whistle-blowing’ exercise is given the assurance that he/she will not be at risk of any form of victimization, retribution or retaliation from his/her superiors or from any of the Management. However, deliberately providing false or misleading information will not be tolerated by SPAD and may lead to litigation.

Who is required to assist in the investigation for the disclosure?
Whistleblower is expected to provide reasonable details regarding his/her disclosure.

What happens to the disclosure I have made?
The Integrity Division will verify the information given. Upon verification and confirmation, the officer will present the findings to the relevant authorities who will decide the next course of action. If there is a case, they will channel the case to the respective party for further investigation. Otherwise, the process will end here.

How will I know about the outcome of my disclosure?
Complainants will be acknowledged and responded to within five (5) working days upon submission of the disclosure.

What if the investigation later reveals that the whistleblowing report was made with malicious intent, will I be adversely affected?
The complainant i.e; SPAD employees who committed the act would be liable to disciplinary action.

Who is expected to follow the SPAD SPIRIT - Code of Conduct?
All SPAD employees are to read, acknowledge and follow the SPAD SPIRIT - Code of Conduct which is in sync with the existing laws.

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