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Overview of the Integrity Division

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Integrity Division Profile
Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat, SPAD is committed to the highest standards of integrity, openness and accountability in the conduct of the Commission’s business and operations. We aspire to perform our affairs in an ethical, responsible and transparent manner. Recognising this commitment, SPAD provides an avenue for all employees, stakeholders and members of the public to report any violation of the SPAD Code of Conduct and/or to disclose any known or reasonably suspected improper conduct within SPAD.

Why was the Integrity Division established?
SPAD is moving towards institutionalising ethics in the commission. The establishment of the Integrity Division as a special division responsible for the management of integrity issues is a key step towards fulfilling our commitment. By reporting unethical behaviour, you can help us to ensure our employees adhere to good work ethics and governance in our work environment, and subsequently help towards the elimination of corruption, fraud, dishonesty, criminal activities, breach of trust and other unethical behaviour. We are committed to act strictly against any party that commits any unlawful act that could tarnish the image of SPAD.

To be the focal point for managing issues relating to integrity.

To strengthen the integrity culture within SPAD through the implementation of existing rules and regulations.

To establish integrity values within SPAD in line with work ethics and moral values.

Integrity Division